the institute

SJ Academy was discovered in 2017 by Sir Siddhant Jaiswal. We provide a fresh, exciting, humorous and practical path to learn and develop the Soft skills, English Speaking, Body language, Mind reading techniques, Interview cracking and presentation skills, all under one roof. We guarantee that you will be amazed by the knowledge. It is proven that the love that you need from your family, friends and Known, can be yours by using these methods. The results will be in your favor. SJ is working for the benefit of students, officers, businessmen, housewives. We have saved many people from humiliation in public encounters. SJ has provided with distinctive and unique training sessions regarding Mind reading which can be used in jobs for fast promotion, business for retaining the old customers and grabbing the new ones, social gathering, college meets, dates and all encounters. We design and module learning process as People are themselves the Key Differentiators.

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