Seating Arrangements
Table rows consist of long tables that are placed in rows that are perpendicular to the front and back of the room. The students sit next and across from each other. This set- up is typically found in science labs and writing workshops. It is a good arrangement for group work and large group projects.
More importantly, does the seating arrangements affect the learning process? Studies have reported that seating arrangements impact the learning process. Students occupying the front rows are more attentive that those in the back. … Classroom arrangement; from a students’ point of view, symbolizes their personality.
Seating arrangements are very important to the classroom for interaction, atmosphere, and behavior. It is easy to take seating for granted, or only see the partial benefits it provides, but proper seating can be a useful tool to accomplish class objectives.
Cluster group arrangement. The cluster arrangement is best suited for cooperative or collaborative work, where a small group of students works independently of the rest of the class but the students within the group interact frequently with one another.
Sitting is what you do and seating is where you do it

Reader’s question: Should you say seating or sitting arrangements? However, some people think that sitting is what you do and seating is where you do it. Using that distinction, seating refers to how the seats are laid out.

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