Physical Space Diameters
Physical space diameters is to be renamed as “Proxemics” and the content is as follows

Do you feel uncomfortable when someone stands too close to you? Do very bright colors in a room make you feel distracted? These questions are important to the study of proxemics.

Basically, proxemics is the study of space and how we use it, how it makes us feel more or less comfortable, and how we arrange objects and ourselves in relation to space. The term was coined by the anthropologist Edward Hall. Hall was interested in understanding how humans use space in communication.

Personal Territory

In order to understand more about proxemics, we need to discuss different kinds of spaces. There are four kinds of distance that people generally use in communication. This can vary by place, and different cultures have different standards. These are known as realms of personal territory. Let’s talk about these now.

  • Public space is the space that characterizes how close we sit or stand to someone, like a public figure or public speaker. So, if you are at an event listening to a professor give a lecture, you are probably about 12 – 25 feet away.
  • Social space means we’re getting a little closer, about 4 – 12 feet away. This is the kind of space you’re probably in if you’re talking to a colleague or a customer at work.
  • Personal space is even closer. In this case, you’re probably about 1 – 4 feet away from someone. This is reserved for talking to friends or family.
  • Intimate space is for people who you are very close to. In this case, you’re probably less than a foot away and you might even be touching the other person. This is the space you’re in with a romantic partner
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